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The Vision aims to bring you the greatest single-player and multiplayer open-world survival experience of all time.

Giving players the ability to explore a vast open universe and its many timelines or dimensions presents a plethora of opportunities to the player.


  • Buying land

  • Buying or Renting Homes

  • Base or home building

  • Building Theme Parks

  • Establishing and running corporations

  • Space Exploration

  • Detailed Character Customization

  • Detailed Vehicle Customization

  • First Person Gameplay

  • Third Person Gameplay

  • Out of box Modding Support

  • Online Multiplayer

  • CO-OP Multiplayer

The Vision offers players the ability to build and establish their own businesses which will prove useful when needing to generate legitimate in-game cash throughout the many different periods in time. You won't be able to use all forms of currency in every period of time, but you will be able find ways to make ends meet.

You'll be required to build and maintain your own homes or bases to ensure your survival in many different hostile worlds.

If you want a fully immersive experience, you will have the choice of playing in First Person. First person mode will offer the most immersive Vision Verse experience.


The Vision's world requires players to customize their weapon arsenal depending on the time period they choose to enter.

Powerful weaponry will be key to fighting enemies with far more advanced technology and gear.

The Vision offers a detailed weapons and gear customization system which allows players to:

  • Cosmetically Customize Weapons

  • Adjust Sight Alignment and Position

  • Equip More Advanced Components

  • Modify Fire Modes (Semi-Auto, Burst X, Fully Auto)

  • Switch Ammunition Type

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